November 18, 2005

Cookie Magazine

Billed as the magazine for women who don't want to sacrifice their sophistication and sense of style just because they've become mothers, Cookie hit newsstands on Tuesday.  The first issue features fashion for kids and adults alike, "tot-rock" bands and the "no-cook dinner".

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September 21, 2005

Ralph Lauren book

Have you always been curious about the mind of Ralph Lauren?  For the first time, he is allowing customers and fans a glimpse into his creative process with a collector's book (only 3,000 numbered copies available) that shows his sketches and trend boards.  Available in select retail stores and on


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August 25, 2005

New Shop in NYC

Emerge NYC, below (in a New York Times photo), is said to be a new concept in department store shopping.  Each brand is the focus of a booth or display case.  The catch is that these aren't established brands, and instead are the creations of emerging designers.  Nothing has been mass-produced (designers are sometimes working away on-site) and apparel, accessories, art, cosmetics, flowers and limited-edition books are included in the offerings.


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June 14, 2005

Beach Reads

The Glamorous Life by Nikki Turner and The J.A.P. Chronicles by Isabel Rose are novels swimming with movers, shakers... and shoppers.

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May 16, 2005

Luxe City Guides

An alternative to the huge guidebooks exists if you're going to Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hongkong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sydney or Tokyo.  Luxe City Guides releases compact and updated guides to these cities twice per year, featuring food, fashion, entertainment and beauty recommendations for discerning travelers.  Box and gift sets are also sold. City_guides_1

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May 12, 2005

Welcome to LuxNotes!

LuxNotes is a new website devoted to the best in life, irrespective of price. A guide to living a life of luxury.

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