October 28, 2005

High-End Skateboards

The Italian brothers behind Bottega Montana furniture have introduced Bottega Montana skateboards.  They are handmade of walnut and white oak with an exposed grain matte finish.  In addition to looking display-worthy, one model facilitates tight turns and another "carves" with speed.

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August 19, 2005

LuxNews: Fantasy Camps

Camp isn't only for kids.  In February, eighty adults paid $7,999 to get on stage with rock stars and be coatched in a "battle of the bands".  A trend that dates at least as far back as "Field of Dreams" has grown into a $1 billion industry, according to The Wall Street Journal, and goes far beyond sports.  Some camps focus on untradition fantasies, such as living out "Jaws"-like terror underwater and engaging in mock dogfights.  Others offer race car driving and flying or the chance to play basketball against Michael Jordan at his own camp or hockey with Wayne Gretsky.

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August 08, 2005

K.I.D.S. Carrier

The Kelty Pathfinder K.I.D.S. Carrier has a padded back panel that fits the shape pf any adult body while comfortably holding kids up to forty pounds.  Like Kelty's real hiking gear, the pack has a sternum strap and thick waist belt to shift some of the pressure off of the back.  A pouch that zips out of the back of the pack carries diapers and toys.


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June 17, 2005

Boating Test Drive

Whether you're considering buying a boat this year or just fantasizing about it, MasterCraft is offering test drives of its 280 VLD, shown below, at locations around the country, starting with New York, NY on June 18-19.  Not a bad way to spend Father's Day on Sunday.


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May 30, 2005

iPod Radio & Speakers

With Memorial Day Weekend wrapping up, planning for Father's Day on June 19 isn't a bad idea.  Here are some ideas for him or for yourself.

The Tivoly iPAL Radio, right, is weather-resistant and can be plugged-in indoors our used outdoors with a rechargeable battery.  The Bose Sounddock is made for iPods and iPod Minis, this digital sound system is slim and sleek.  It's free of gratuitous cables and automatically charges the iPod while amplifying its tunes.Radio_1


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May 26, 2005

Golf Club Membership

If you're interested in being a part-time country club member, say for about 10 rounds of golf, you should know about Tour GCX.  $6,250 per year will get you and three buddies golf time at various links, provided your income is at least $200,000 and you have a minimum net worth of $1,000,000.

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May 24, 2005

Numark iPod DJ Mixer

Ipodmixer2This is only a prototype, but the finished product will allow the mixing and manipulation of music from two iPods.

See the full review at create digital music.

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May 17, 2005

Production Wardrobes

Peope living in or around Los Angeles, or visiting the vicinity, should know about It's a Wrap! Production Wardrobe Sales (818/ 567-7366).  Capitalizing on 10,000 sq. ft. of showroom storage, the store sells apparel from the sets of movies, TV shows, commercials and fashion runways.  Some of the clothing is brand new, with hangtags still attached.  Other garments may have been worn by an actor or actress, and some may even have bullet holes, rips or "blood".

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May 12, 2005

BeoSound 9000

If a stereo is something that you order and then place on a shelf in an entertainment center, consider letting Bang & Olufsen re-define things for you.  Whether it's on a wall, floor of shelf, horizontal or vertical, high or low, the BeoSound 9000 is extreme eye candy, as well as music to your ears.  The BeoSound 9000 can be set to play all six CDs; either one CD after the other, randomly selecting tracks from all 6 CDs, or a pre-programmed edit of the music available. There is place in the memory for up to 200 CD titles, and a timer function, programmable with up to 15 settings.  The CD clamper's linear movement is a complex construction allowing swift and soundless movement between CDs. Beosound9000a_3

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