September 20, 2005

"Clothes Off Our Back" Celebrity Clothing Auctions

With pictures of gorgeously-clad stars at Sunday night's Emmy Awards Show now flooding the papers you may find yourself coveting at least a few designer ensembles.  At Clothes Off Our Back, you can bid on the actual garment that your favorite-looking celebrity just wore -- and know that all of the money paid goes to support a variety of charities, including UNICEF.


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September 13, 2005

The Luxury Shows

If the sampling of travel options on this site leave you wanting more, visit Luxury Shows in a city near you.  Billed as "the ultimate travel and lifestyle adventure", the shows feature exhibitors, seminars and attractions such as golf stimulators, spa treatments, wine tastings and kitchen demos.

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September 07, 2005

Barneys Made-to-Measure

This month, Barneys New York introduces "Made-to-Measure" for men.  Custom-made shoes and dress shirts are available.

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August 19, 2005

LuxNews: Fantasy Camps

Camp isn't only for kids.  In February, eighty adults paid $7,999 to get on stage with rock stars and be coatched in a "battle of the bands".  A trend that dates at least as far back as "Field of Dreams" has grown into a $1 billion industry, according to The Wall Street Journal, and goes far beyond sports.  Some camps focus on untradition fantasies, such as living out "Jaws"-like terror underwater and engaging in mock dogfights.  Others offer race car driving and flying or the chance to play basketball against Michael Jordan at his own camp or hockey with Wayne Gretsky.

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June 20, 2005

Custom Puma Sneakers

Puma has introduced a Mongolian BBQ of a new kind.  Shoppers in select locations during select periods can choose the 13 components that comprise a sneaker to create their own versions.  The first round continues through July 17 and is available in SoHo, Santa Monica, London and Munich.


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June 17, 2005

Boating Test Drive

Whether you're considering buying a boat this year or just fantasizing about it, MasterCraft is offering test drives of its 280 VLD, shown below, at locations around the country, starting with New York, NY on June 18-19.  Not a bad way to spend Father's Day on Sunday.


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June 13, 2005

Designer Previews Architecture & Interior Design

Whether it's an architect or interior designer whose services you require, Designer Previews will show you the work of of many and let you select the best one for you.  The web site is beautiful and offices exist in Palm Beach, Miami, LA, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago and New York.


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June 11, 2005

Made-to-Order Jeans

You may be familiar with Earnest Sewn's worn-in yet tailored jeans for men and women.  Now, you can get them custom-made when you're in New York.  An Earnest Cut & Sew (212/242-3414) makes the jeans in two hours at it's just-opened Meatpacking District shop.  If you think you may want a pair, you'd better put your name on the waiting list for them now.

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June 05, 2005

Playground for all Ages

SundayStyles in today's New York Times reports that Citibabes will be opening soon in Manhattan for moms (and dads?) who want to retain both their shape and social standing once baby has arrived. 

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May 29, 2005


For those who want a vacation that's a reprieve of a less traditional sort, the the VacationTechnician Company arranges opportunities for people not just to visit the limited areas of pristine wildlife left in the world, but to explore and protect them, as well as support underdeveloped economies.  Provisions include helpful guidance, unique itineraries, expert expedition guides, small groups and "a refined selection of luxury adventure experiences".

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